Sunday, July 25, 2010

more Sites

Here more sites for Ya.
free file for limited time....

More to Come...

LA's cricut and SVG creations

I forgot to tell you why to visit this blog! Duh!  She has got FREE Svg's and many other site's posted that we don't have in our group. So hop on over there before she takes them down. I need some followers ya'll. Help to build my blog, any suggestion's???


LA's cricut and SVG creations

Hello everyone, on this beautiful Sunday morning, I know I should be in church but I was exhausted. No Excuses know! I just had to share this web site with you. I don't know how I get people to view my site but hopefully someday I'll have a following!!!!

Until next time,

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fellow Scrapbookers

Hello everybody! "laugh's at self because no one comes here" anyway....It's early in the morning 4am to be exact and I'm becoming cross eyed. I wish I could for one time in my life do something that I wanted to do. That is learn to make my own files in inkscape and share with the world like some of the people that I follow on their blogs. I love scrapbooking and using this computer, but I seem to get to doing something and become frustrated and quit, and I never use to be that way. Well I'm off to bed better luck next time I guess.
Goodnight aka good Morning LOL