Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I know if you have a blog you're supposed to keep it up. But I have had so many other things on my mind Christmas shopping a lot of crafts I just haven't posted a lot. I did buy some files from SVG cut, their files are excellent the only thing I have a problem with is the size there is no size to go by just have to do it yourself but they A lot better plus I have a clicking cut that is older than the hills but is a wonderful machine and I'll love it. I'm posting a picture of my else on a shelf photoframe that I made last night I put it together, a quick it's the first one I've done so it's not perfect but I put myself grandsons picture in it. If you buy two collections you get their weekly special for free this just happens to be last week's free special I've got so many of them that I have to wait to get something free.

I bought this program named Dragon. And I'm using it right now. You talk into the microphone and it types everything for you it learns your voice and your accent, just a wonderful program I can't type worth a flip so this is just great. I will be posting more and bringing you some new free SVG's.

So be sure to come back and see what I've posted. Y'all have a Merry Christmas all the way from Texas to your hometown.

Texas scrapper

Monday, October 15, 2012

Conroe Texas Cajun Festival

We all went to the festival over in Conroe this past Saturday, we had a blast. I love me some good Zydeco music, cajun music, whatever. They had some awesome bands. I missed my family reunion but we had this planned before I knew the date of the reunion. anyway My Grandson Draven, he is seven years old and he rode ever roller coaster they would let him on. We had a BLAST!!!

My Youngest Daughters Birthday Card

I used someones files, Can't remember will post latter if someone request it. But she loved it. Her birthday was October 2nd. she turned tenty seven.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

How to Make Your Own Pop Dots

You will need some sheets of crafters foam from dollar tree,and a xyron machine. If you own the smaller version of the xyron then cut your crafters foam to size. Run you foam through your xyron machine, pull off the top layer NOT THE STICKY side. run it through again so you will have sticky on both sizes. I used my guillotine cutter to cut them to the size I wanted and you have just saved you lots of money compared to what you just spent for the crafters foam for One dollars and just a little of your xyron tape. I hope this helps save you some money, it did me.

Happy Crafting
The Texas-Scrapper

Fairy FreeSVG File


New cards

I made some new cards with the Happy Haunting cartridge. I stopped using my cricut because you are so limited to just cartridges. I use my KNK cutter, and I love it you can do anything with it and it cuts like butter, so smooth and your cuts are just perfect. On a better note I just made four Witches shoe cards, I just love the way they turned out. I just cut the shoes out at 7 inches and decorated them and I cut two pieces in  black for the back part of the card, folded it at the top and glued it together and whal-la....A card is made. I made four but my Grandson just had to have one for his teacher and my Daughter got the other on. so I'm left with two. I do believe I could sell these things for a few dollars.LOL

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

So much has happened since I last posted. When you think you have a friend your BFF and then she was a different person all together left her husband and five children, NOT the person I thought she was.  I have been going over to her house,(or what was her house) and fixing supper for them, they range in age from 1 1/2,3. 7. 14, 18. How can a mother do such?????So just remember, you don't really know your friends, you just think you do.
Most of us have an alter ego, ok, c'mon.....sometimes I would have like to leave and go be a movie star....yeah right!!!!  I couldn't have made it half way across Texas before I was missing my family. besides you should have enough self control and tell that "alter-ego" settle down now, you know you can't come out....  No self Control....is all I have to say and shame on you....

On a happier note I made a card with a file I purchased from SVG Cuts, love their files, they cut like Butter! and my KNK cuts like butter so I had it made, making this card. So next  ( if I have time) is some coffins, thought I would fill them up with candy for the youngsters... Oh, I found this file free on the net it was a PDF (the coffin) and I made it into a SVG. I will share once I get it cut out and put together.

Happy Crafting Everybody.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ya'll I did not use the die for that accordian card. I used one of the  Spellbinders I just used two of them for the different sizes you see. and the main one for the card I just cut it out to almost the middle and then turned it around and done the other side, I done this for every side. a little mind bogling but got it, I would have rather have the die but I didn't own it, so had to do with what I had. There is another video teaching you how to do what I done or almost. I will find the web site hopefully and post it.

Monday, August 20, 2012

I believe this is from the same lady, I have learnd a lot from her(Ramblings of a Texas Scraproom) I think?. Wish I knew how she finds all these different kind of cards. Anyway this is my latest build. PopUp flowers. I should have used a different color of paper, while looking at it, it was pretty, just not for flowers. The front of the card I used pink and pale blue to double mat it, then I stamped it and embossed it in clear, Its france something, it's french words. then in the middle I embossed Friend. Hope you like it.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Just thought I would share a friendship saying with Ya'll.
Greetings from the Texas-Scrapper!!!!