Wednesday, September 26, 2012

So much has happened since I last posted. When you think you have a friend your BFF and then she was a different person all together left her husband and five children, NOT the person I thought she was.  I have been going over to her house,(or what was her house) and fixing supper for them, they range in age from 1 1/2,3. 7. 14, 18. How can a mother do such?????So just remember, you don't really know your friends, you just think you do.
Most of us have an alter ego, ok, c'mon.....sometimes I would have like to leave and go be a movie star....yeah right!!!!  I couldn't have made it half way across Texas before I was missing my family. besides you should have enough self control and tell that "alter-ego" settle down now, you know you can't come out....  No self all I have to say and shame on you....

On a happier note I made a card with a file I purchased from SVG Cuts, love their files, they cut like Butter! and my KNK cuts like butter so I had it made, making this card. So next  ( if I have time) is some coffins, thought I would fill them up with candy for the youngsters... Oh, I found this file free on the net it was a PDF (the coffin) and I made it into a SVG. I will share once I get it cut out and put together.

Happy Crafting Everybody.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ya'll I did not use the die for that accordian card. I used one of the  Spellbinders I just used two of them for the different sizes you see. and the main one for the card I just cut it out to almost the middle and then turned it around and done the other side, I done this for every side. a little mind bogling but got it, I would have rather have the die but I didn't own it, so had to do with what I had. There is another video teaching you how to do what I done or almost. I will find the web site hopefully and post it.