Saturday, May 21, 2011

Time Challenge over at FileKutz

I'm dedicating this Time layout challenge to all the men in my life the I lost within 3 years, starting in 2005 First my Dad, My Husband,My Father-in-law,My Grandpa, and My late husbands Uncle.
Turning back the hands of TIME,
Just looking back at the ones that left us behind......


  1. Wonderful layout. What a great way to remember the men you lost.

  2. Wonderful Job on your layout Cathy!!

  3. What a beautiful memorial page....a wonderful tribute to your men!!!! Thanks so much for taking the challenge and sharing this special layout with us. Sharon

  4. OMG....Put two and two together and what do you get??? For a long time I got 6 because NOW I know that was yours. The whole time we were doing the challenge it didn't dawn on me who you were. Wow....that is really a fantastic layout.

  5. Thank Ya'll for the lovely comments, I think I cried most of the time while putting it together. We lost another dear cousin, I'm going to have to put him in here somewhere or add another page. Again Thank Ya'll