Thursday, July 07, 2011

Moving In

I have a new problem... I need some young  Where is everybody when you need help.  I'm trying to move in to my new craft room but I can't seem to find any help moving my heavy desk into the new room. I have pig trailed back and fourth for days now trying to move a little at a time, but this waiting is killing, me so for the last two nights I stayed up until 4am one night and the other night about 2am, but it is cooler and I seem to have more energy for some reason. I stile need some help moving that heavy desk, no need to ask, guesss I have to get the wallet book out......
Anyway one of these days I'll get moved in. I should have just bought a bigger house!


1 comment:

  1. I can so feel for you. I have just moved out of my daughter's house into an apartment and trying to get all my craft stuff set up. I have strained everything in me not to have to ask anyone for help. I have 3 children in the immediate area, but they are all too busy to think that good old mom might not be able to move everything by herself. Guess I'm just too independent to beg.