Monday, July 04, 2011

New Craft Studio

This last picture is of the old room I'm moving out of. The two top pictures are the new room, I"m getting it done slowly.
I have been so busy lately. I have turned my garage in to a beautiful Studio just to do my crafts and sewing. I out grew my 15x10 bedroom. I had to put away my new sewing machine into the closet because of no space, my scrapbooking and cardmaking were more important. LOL.   I hired someone to close it in for me, but I've done the rest,  I think I've done pretty good. I repainted, One wall is White and the rest are a very light Pink. I stained the concrete and it looks pretty good, I was hoping for the best.   I bought peg board and painted it a very light green, to put all of my stickers and die cuts on, I didn't realize it until I started digging through my drawers that "I have a problem"It's called Scrapbooking. You know that show Hoarding, I think I might have a problem too. LOL Really though I covered a 4 x 8 foot sheet of peg board with all the stickers and die cuts. I didn't know I had that much, I thought I had a problem with paper buying, I have got ever color under the sun, sometimes I think I have more that Hobby Lobby, really because I don't sell my paper I hoard it. LOL....Well it not the best in the world, or fancy because I'm not a carpenter but It will be big enough for my friend and I to come and crop with me. I'm very proud of my room, I'll go take pictures for ya......
Until Later Gators,


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  1. After reading your posts, from the present to this one, I think we should have been friends. I am way up in Washington (the State) though. I laughed at your Hoarder's show comment and can tell you I took the Clutterer vs Hoarder test and I "passed". I'm just a clutterer, not a hoarder. As long as you don't keep EVERYTHING: garbage, used Q-tips, old food, snot rags, etc, then you are a not a hoarder. I took great satisfaction in that!